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"Children are highly motivated and show eagerness to join in all the learning activities." Ofsted 2023

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Home learning

To Parents

 Please share your children's interests and fascinations at home so we can plan to incorporate this into their nursery experience and enhance their development.

In the nursery each child has a portfolio which you are welcome to add to as a record of their early years experiences.  We also use Tapestry,  an online learning journal that enables us to share your children's learning at nursery with you via an app. We welcome your replies via this app to understand more about how your child learns at home.

Education starts at home.  Parents have a role in guiding their child through the earliest stages of their learning and through their formative years.  Early childhood experiences are the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives.

"All parents who regularly involve their children in home learning activities that 'stretch a child's mind' can enhance their children;s learning and development" (EPPE, Sylva and others 2004)
Here are some examples of home learning.
This develops:
  • mathematical skills through counting, adding and taking away
  • language through talking, listening and following instructions
  •  early reading by recognising symbols and that print has meaning
  •  understanding the world through introducing food from around the world


Scientific discoveries:

  • floating and sinking
  •   Dissolving (bathsalts)
  •   Absorption of water (sponges and towels)
  •   Where water comes from and where does it go?


Sharing books, having fun and making mistakes are 3 key ways for parents and children to learn together.  Talk to staff in the nursery for some great ideas of things to do.