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Robert Owen

"Children are highly motivated and show eagerness to join in all the learning activities." Ofsted 2023

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Outdoor Play

At Robert Owen we believe it is essential for young children to have free access to outdoor play as an integral part of their time with us.  It builds their muscles and it builds their minds. The nursery garden is open every day for the children and they can choose freely when to take their play and learning outside. We expect the children to go out in all weathers. We have waterproof clothing and spare wellies to help the children stay warm and dry when it is wet. We provide sunhats, sun cream and encourage children to wear long sleeved tops when it is hot. The sun, wind, snow and rain provide rich experiences to support children’s understanding of their world.

Open, friendly environment and a strong focus on outdoor play' (PS2016)

We believe It is essential that young children get frequent and regular opportunities to explore and learn in the outdoor environment, and you must be prepared to allow your child to access our nursery garden in line with our ethos.In recent years there has been a cultural shift in our society that has reduced the access and use of outdoors for many young children. Contributory factors include increased fear amongst adults in relation to children’s safety and technological advances leading to an overwhelming prominence of more sedentary indoor activities, such as screen time. These factors can negatively impact on a child’s natural zest for exploration and movement. Real experiences are more enriching  for the brain than virtual ones.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum places strong emphasis on the importance and value of daily outdoor experiences for children’s learning and development. read more information.................

The facilities particularly the garden and forest school are good. Some of the staff are brilliant and have a huge amount of experience. The centre does look at each child as an individual and thinks about how to help them.' (PS2016)


Article published by an Hannah Fruin (ex teacher at Robert Owen)