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Robert Owen

"Children are highly motivated and show eagerness to join in all the learning activities." Ofsted 2023

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Ofsted Reports

Ofsted Inspection Report, July 2023 (Outstanding)

On 18th and 19th July 2023  His Majesty’s Inspector Aliki Constantopoulou conducted a section 8 Ofsted inspection. This is the first time that Robert Owen has been inspected since the Covid-19 pandemic and the introduction of a new inspection framework. We are delighted to say that Robert Owen Nursery School continues to be an outstanding school.

The inspector spoke effusively about Robert Owen children and staff during their visit. Some highlights:

Children, along with parents and carers, arrive with smiles on their faces at this school. Staff greet them warmly.

Children are keen to see their friends and to take part in all the exciting learning opportunities that are set out.

Staff know all the children well. They interact with them meaningfully.

Through modelling and carefully chosen questioning, staff manage to develop children’s curiosity and deepen their learning.

Staff have extremely high expectations for all children, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). They make sure that every child meets their potential.

All children are empowered to succeed.

In every classroom, children are highly motivated. They show eagerness to join in all the learning activities.

Experiences such as storytelling, story acting, woodwork and the use of the school library are regularly provided for all children.

Leaders have designed their curriculum so that it presents no limits or barriers for any child, including those with SEND. Leaders have high ambitions for all children.

In every classroom, children of all ages demonstrate deep focus in their learning.

Staff know the children well and carefully plan their next steps. 

Through carefully planned activities, children develop detailed knowledge and skills across all areas of learning.

Children behave exceptionally well across the school.

Staff provide children with many opportunities to develop their independence and sense of adventure. For instance, children explore the woodland area, which develops their wonder and curiosity about the world around them. They take
part actively in drama and yoga activities. Staff encourage children to focus and to practise reflection techniques.


Previous Inspections

Ofsted Inspection Report 2017 (Outstanding)

Parent Feedback

F spent two gloriously happy years at Robert Owen.  As parents we have watched F grow in maturity and confidence and become a positive, outgoing individual with as you say boundless energy and enthusiasm.  F chatters endlessly about friends and teachers and it is clear that these relationships mean a great deal to F

What an amazing year H has had at Robert Owen. We have loved your approach and have relished his confidence, inquisitiveness and humour- all testament to the wonderful job you've done with him. H comes home and loves to tell us all about the amazing activities you've done with him.