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"Children are highly motivated and show eagerness to join in all the learning activities." Ofsted 2023

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Attendance & Sickness


Research shows that daily attendance has the best impact on children's learning outcomes.  We always have the children's best interests at heart when looking at attendance patterns.

We offer daily sessions, part-time and full-time as part of the core nursery day.  It is important that the children attend these to benefit from a full nursery experience.

Please inform us if your child is unable to attend nursery.  Reasons for absence may include:

  • If your child is unwell (sickness policy)
  • If your child has an appointment
  • If you have a family emergency
  • If you are going to be late

If your child is going to be late and is staying for lunch please remember we have to order their lunch daily, so please inform us no later than 9.30am.

If your child becomes unwell at nursery we will only ask you to collect him/her if we feel it is really necessary for the child's well-being.  (Do not send a child in when you know they are too ill to enjoy their day with us, or have given them Calpol or similar to mask the symptoms)

The session times are calculated carefully and it is really important that you collect your children on time.

Further information is in the Parent Booklet


Young children develop strong immune systems by being exposed to bacteria and viruses.

For time to time your child may become unwell. If your child has a temperature  DO NOT bring them into nursery if you have given them Calpol or any other medication to reduce the temperature. We worry if your child suddenly gets a high temperature around mid morning after the medication has worn off and we don't know about it.

You must inform staff of any medication you have given your child before you leave them at nursery, you must also inform us if they have been unwell the night before or over the weekend.

If your child has sickness or diarrhoea you must keep them at home for a clear 48 hours since the last episode.  This is to safeguard other children and all staff in the nursery as well as considering your own child's well being. 

Coughs and colds are regular minor ailments that we can manage with good hygiene practice. However if your child has a persistent cough or cold we may ask you to keep them at home to speed up their recovery.

If your child becomes unwell during the course of the nursery day we will contact you.  If you child's well being is compromised by feeling unwell or having a high temperature we will ask you to make arrangements for your child to be collected as a matter of urgency.

Please be assured that sending a child home is not an easy decision for us to make.

Incubation and exclusion periods of some infectious diseases are available from the office. Here are some of the most common ones:

Diarrhoea and sickness - must be excluded with at least 48 hours clear

Conjunctivitis - once medication is administered your child can attend nursery

Chicken Pox - Incubation 14 - 21 days, infectious up to 6 days after the last crop of spots

Cold sores - No exclusion, however personal hygiene is important.

Hand, foot and mouth-  Incubation 3 - 5 days. Exclusion while child unwell, personal hygiene important

Lice - No exclusion, Leaflet available in office, parents to check their child's hair.