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Welcome to Robert Owen Nursery School and Children's Centre

 Dear Mums, Dads and Carers                                                                               January 2019

Happy New Year to everyone who is part of the community at Robert Owen Nursery School. We are welcoming over 40 new families this term whilst we continue to work with our existing children to gain the best possible outcomes. We all remember how it feels to start somewhere new, full of anticipation, excitement and maybe a little bit of fear. Settling in is really important for both you and your child so please work in partnership with your child’s key person and class teacher and be guided about the time this might take. Time given to this process benefits the rest of your child’s nursery experience, as well as helping forge the relationship between ourselves and you as a family.  Read more.......

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Ofsted Says...

The nursery delivers a highly effective personalised approach to the children's learning. Consequently they achieve extremely well. Careful tracking ensures that any child requiring further support is quickly identified & appropriate actions taken.
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