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Welcome to Robert Owen Nursery School

Sarah Harrison, Executive Headteacher 

I am proud to be Executive Headteacher of Pound Park Nursery School, Pound Park Nursery School at Cardwell and Robert Owen Nursery School. All three schools offer exciting learning opportunities to children through providing stimulating, challenging and adventurous open spaces. Our staff are highly qualified, passionate and devoted to nurturing children and supporting our little people to achieve all that they can but most importantly to love learning. As maintained nursery schools we are committed to supporting the whole family and encourage children to be curious and inquisitive to enable them to thrive during their future education. By working in partnership we are able to share good practice in order to benefit the communities we serve. We welcome all families to visit us to see for themselves the outstanding education we deliver across our settings.


Colette Pierce, Headteacher           July 2019

As always it has been a busy Summer term with the children learning all about change as they observe the tadpoles turning into frogs, the caterpillars turning into butterflies, the vegetable patches  being abundant with harvest and have the opportunity to reflect on how they have changed themselves.

We will be sad to say Goodbye to a lot of the children this term as they leave to move onto Primary School, the next exciting stage in their learning. The staff have created opportunities for the children to talk about this big event in their lives and will be sharing stories with children going to the same primary school to help with finding familiar faces on that first day at school. The children's leaving records will be shared with you all over the next week, they have been written by key staff who clearly recognise each and every child as an individual. Please add your own comments before returning them to us.  Read more.......


Ofsted Says...

The nursery delivers a highly effective personalised approach to the children's learning. Consequently they achieve extremely well. Careful tracking ensures that any child requiring further support is quickly identified & appropriate actions taken.
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